Circle of Friends Book Club

Circle of Friends Book Club I was founded in 1994 by Jennifer Copeland and a few of her friends in Valdosta, Georgia.  The purpose of the club was initially just for the group to read books and meet once a month to discuss the book. The Book Club to date has been quite successful in that it does other activities to promote literacy.  There are currently 14Chapters of COF in various states.

Because there is a need in today’s society for “sistahs” to reach out to each other in sharing and in fellowship, Shunda Blocker decided to continue the legacy of Circle of Friends by forming the Atlanta chapter called “Circle of Friends Book Club II.”  Their first meeting was held in January 1997.  The membership continues to grow each year.  In September 1997COF II was chosen as one of the guest book clubs and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to celebrate Oprah’s nook club’s first year anniversary.(This chapter changed their name to Worthy To Be Praised in honor of her mother)

The legacy of Circle of Friends continues and several chapters have been formed in the Southeast and North Carolina area.  COF III is located in Tallahassee, Florida and is being led by Mrs. Lisa Mitchell.  Their first meeting was held December 1997 and they are continuing to grow.  COF IV is in Jacksonville, North Carolina and their president is Tiffany Clayton. COF V, is the Gwinnett /Gainesville Chapter and their president is Ms. Carol Brooks, Ms. Paulette Jackson, is president of COF VI located in San Diego, California.  The president of COF VII is Ms. Dorothy Pettis from Memphis, Tennessee.  We also have a chapter, COF VIII, in the beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Their president is Ms. Aisha Malone. We have two chapters in the state of Ohio.  COF IX’s president is Ms. Lauren Patterson, and that chapter is in Toledo.  In Columbus, Ms. Traci Thompson is the president of COF X.  Our last three chapters formed back in the Southern region.  Ms. Terryl Mannings is the current president of COF XI, in Cobb County, Georgia. COF XII is located in Colombia, South Carolina and their president is Ms. Rheeda Walker.  In Killeen/ Austin, Texas, Ms. Toschia Moffett is the president of COF XIII.  To date, our most recent chapter is located in Houston, Texas COF XIIII and their president is Ms. Talaisha Branch.


Each Circle of Friends Book Club strives to promote and support the knowledge of literacy and bonding amongst each other.  Every day, Circle of Friends encourages others to join and expand the circle bigger because reading is knowledge and “knowledge is power!”