Jacob Appel

Jacob M. Appel’s most recent works include a novel, The Biology of Luck, and an essay collection, Phoning Home.  The stories in The Magic Laundry stem from his work as a psychiatrist in New York City, and his particular interest in how ordinary people cope with extraordinary challenges.  He hopes these stories will encourage his readers to place themselves in the shoes of his protagonists and to ask themselves how they would handle the tribulations confronted by his characters.  What would you do if your daughter returned home from college with a stolen baboon?  Or if you operated a Laundromat and the washing machines gained a reputation for performing minor miracles?

In the course of practicing medicine, Dr. Appel has observed that the most extraordinary things do happen to ordinary people.  Every day,  in every city and town, often drawing little public notice.   Yet few events are more extraordinary that the publication of a book—especially a collection of short stories—and as a strikingly ordinary person himself, Dr. Appel looks forward to both his own reaction and yours.

This Snake Nation Press author will serve on a panel of writers at the Literacy Festival alongside two featured novelists and a poet. His work can be secured at the online bookstorewww.snakenationpress.org