Linda Panousis

Linda Panousis is a business woman in reality, but a writer at heart. Her debut novel, Targets of Revenge–The Beginning, is the first of a series about Colin Cassidy–a handsome, determined martial arts expert on a dangerous mission to find out who brutally murdered his Father–years ago in Paris. Watch for more “Warriors” adventures–as Colin’s dedicated team, follows him into “Chaos”–no questions asked! She also has written a children’s book–:The Adventures of Sparten and Zorr,” The Welcome Scare,” about a smart, protective farm dog, and his new friend from “outer space.”There will be many books coming out about their many exciting adventures together! Kids of all ages will love them!  Her books are  available at Amazon Online Bookstore, Kindle, and all her books are available at FAmily Pizza restaurant, 5945 Bemiss Road, Valdosta, Georgia.