Monique Bowden Guice

Monique Bowden Guice, a self-published author of Teen, YA, and Fantasy genres. A summary of her debut novel “The First, a Vampire Tale:”

What the hell are vampires doing coming into a werewolf establishment? Aubrey Ferrell, pack-master and owner of the Timberwolves Diner, asked himself that question one night after a troupe of vampires entered his diner. Unknown to Aubrey, Emma, his younger sister has been practicing witchcraft. Using witchcraft Emma has sent out a call for the universe to send her the very first vampire ever made. What she gets instead — six vampires that are older than the history of mankind determined to stop Emma and her witchcraft. Even with supernatural werewolf strength can Aubrey protect Emma from the vampires who have come to destroy her?


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